Saturday, April 18, 2009

Use Your Voice - Help End the Medicare Disability Waiting Act

Now is the time to use your voice or your computer to support eliminating the Medicare 24-Month Disability Waiting Period!

The Ending the Medicare Disability Waiting Act (H.R. 1708/S. 700) was re-introduced in 2009,by Senator Jeff Bingaman (NM) and Congressman Gene Green (TX). If this bill passed it would completely phase out the Medicare 24-month disability waiting period over ten years. Immediately it would eliminate the waiting period for people with life-threatening conditions.

Contact your local politicians to take action. You can urge your Members of Congress to support this very important bill by Clicking Here

Medicare currently forces many people, living with a disability so severe that they cannot work, to unjustifiably wait 2 years before they can obtain any healthcare coverage through Medicare. There is an estimated 1.8 million Americans living with disabilities, including multiple sclerosis and lupus, trapped in this waiting period.

Americans who struggle with a chronic disease and disability have a safety net though Medicare when other health insurance resources are not accessible. Many who wait the 24 month period give up necessary medical treatments, stop taking their medications as prescribed, and quit important therapies that aid in their quality of life and independence.

Who might even be helping me in the future. This is my friend and I after my Solu-medrol treatment at the cancer center. There was no way that I could feel sorry for myself when surrounded by people who must endure much worse more often.

My friend and I after the Solu-medrol treatment. Notice the enlarged pupils (I took off my sunglasses so you could see), the widened grin, and the medical tag on my arm. I've learned that long sleeves prevent me from feeling self conscious about my injection bruises and provide a barrier in case I feel itchy.


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